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What is Rochester Real Beer?

The Rochester Real Beer Week & Expo are produced by the Business Association of the South Wedge, to help them with projects such as public art, banners, benches, bike racks, free concerts, plants / flowers and landscaping in local parks, neighborhood clean-up efforts, area promotion, and the South Wedge Quarterly.The money raised at this event is reinvested in the South Wedge community.

We hope you will consider supporting these events and the South Wedge. Thanks!

Recent posts

Featured Brewer: Bruce Lish

Bruce Lish, this year’s featured brewer, is proof that the American Dream can still be lived. At least his version of the dream, which tends to involve lifting heavy sacks of grain and sweating over huge vats of boiling liquid. It might be hard work, but Lish spent most of the last 20 years doing what he loves- brewing beer- ...

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Last Year’s Real Beer Week Winning Launch Beer: STONEYARD’S JUICEHEAD DIPA

Jay Nichols, owner of Stoneyard Brewing, explains it succinctly: “We don’t do small.”He’s not just talking about the big fellaswho work for Stoneyard. In less than twoyears, the Brockport brewery has established itself as a premier producer of heavyhitting, yet remarkably balanced beers.

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Happy Beer Week 2016, Peoples!

Wow. I am so damn proud of this city, sometimes I truly can’t fathom it. And in writing this, I have quickly come to the realization that this is one of those moments! We are in our fifth year of Rochester Real Beer Week! Can you believe it? We have half of a decade under our belt (well, darn close).

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Mike Ford and Johnny Tran Unedited Interview

Why did you want to open a clothing store and why did you choose to do it in the city and specifically the Wedge? Mike: Before opening thread I had worked in other clothing stores; both independently owned boutiques and retail stores. My friend Sandy, who I opened thread with, and I were both at a point in our lives ...

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John Urlaub

Meet John Urlaub, owner of Rohrbach Brewing Company. I recently caught up with John at Rohrbach’s Production Brewery & Tasting Room to learn more about one of the city’s first craft breweries. A Rochester native and graduate of St. Bonaventure University, he worked for Kodak before starting the brewery. His Kodak career included several relocations, including Los Angeles where he ...

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Crushing the Can Myths

For years, glass bottles were the packaging choice for craft brewers. But recently, a growing number of canned beer has appeared on the shelves at your local beer store. Canning seems to have become a hot trend in the craft beer market, with more and more brands adding this alternative packaging to their lineup. So what’s with the cans? Isn’t ...

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