Rochester Real Beer Week 2013


What is it?

The Rochester Real Beer Week consists of a weeklong series of craft beer related events including tastings, food and beer pairings and dinners, socials, concerts, and craft beer launches.  The ROCkin’ on the River at Tap & Table and the Rochester Real Beer Expo 2013 will start the week, and The Old Toad’s Cask Ale Festival and Lovin’ Cup’s Real 5K and Concert Finale conclude the week.

Where is it?

These events will be held at different venues throughout the Rochester area, including restaurants, bars, retail stores, and breweries.

Who is it?

The organizing committee for this series of events is comprised of members of the Business Association of the South Wedge Area (BASWA) and also by staff from the Tap & Mallet/Tap & Table.  Participating venues are listed below.

Why is it?

Building on the success of the Rochester Real Beer Expo in 2011, BASWA & Tap and Mallet elected to share its success beyond our neighborhood.  Partnering with the local craft breweries, restaurants, bars, and retailers, we launched the inaugural Rochester Real Beer Week in 2012.  This year’s program boasts dozens of events across the region with plenty of opportunities to enjoy Real Beer with friends for ten very special days!

Events June 14-23, 2013

Weeklong Events

Friday, June 14

Saturday, June 15

Sunday, June 16

Monday, June 17

Tuesday, June 18

Wednesday, June 19

Thursday, June 20

Friday, June 21

Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23


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